Portugal – DCB – Lisbon

Portugal Property – DCB | Lisbon

Price Range: 580,000 € | First Floor | 1 Apartment with one bedroom | Total Area: 1100.29㎡ & Garden:30.09㎡ 
DCB Apartment is located in the old town of Lisbon, it is the most historical and tourists concentrate area. Situated at the Bairro Alto in the city center, it is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Lisbon, and is also the prime area for living, shopping and recreation.

DCB Apartment is situated at the most historic center of Lisbon, composing of Baixa, Chiado and Bairro Alto. Living here, one can feel the most Portuguese life and culture. 5 minutes walking to the Chiado, and 15 minutes walking to the Commerce Square in Baixa.

DCB Apartment is a rare reconstructed apartment project in the center of Lisbon. With a total of 10 apartments in a 5-storey building, it now only left 1 apartment available to sell, with one bedroom. Price includes basic furniture and decoration. 3% per year rental guarantee for 5 years. Take advantage of the growing demand for temporary renting in Lisbon!

Today, it is one of the neighborhoods with more demand and we are witnessing a shift in the type of people that live here. The population is to renew and bring new life into this space with each passing day. This district is among those seeking a higher level living spaces.